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When Guy attended a meeting for the first time, I thought "and what exactly do you do"? Ambrosia healing. I did not know what Guy was talking about but was interested in what that was. We did a 1 on 1 and I made an appointment. Totally not knowing what to expect, I went to see Guy. I shared my fears, my vision of the future and a part of my past that I could not let go of. I was heard and it soon became clear what my pain points were. 2 sessions later I feel much better, my past is gradually given a place without dwelling on it, my future perspective is clear but above all I am happy in the now. What comes will come and I am getting more and more at peace with that. Thank you Guy, for crossing my path and for teaching me so much and if necessary I will find you. For those of you who had the same thought the first time Guy attended the meeting, make an appointment and hopefully we will experience the same. Thanks Guy! Translated with (free version)


Ambrosia Healing is a team of wonderful healers who have your very best interest at heart. EnJOY your time with them!


He is the one who lit his light in my darkest time. For that I remain grateful to him. Also, he is correct in everything he says and does.... ❤️🌸✨ thank you for everything you have done and will do.


I can't believe I didn't give a review yet, so here goes! I can always go to Ambrosia with my questions. Meanwhile, I have had quite a few breakthroughs in my personal development thanks to Ambrosia Healing, through distance healing, workshops and the special out-of-the-box day (and I am REALLY looking forward to the next session). The nice and honest conversations aside, I always feel welcome. Moreover, there is a real interest and a warm heart. Therefore: thank you so much! 🙏 I recommend it a thousand times, because I have already come to so many beautiful insights.


This sweet man is always there for you, with only 3 or 4 healing sessions he helped me enormously! He listens, respects you, is straightforward and honest with you, understands you and really makes time to help you, even outside the sessions he is always there for you! That is why I am so grateful for all the support I have received and the progress I have made and am making! Thanks Guy 😘🙏 See you soon!


Thanks to a gift voucher, I had a good and, on his part, frank conversation with Guy Van Der Burgt of Ambrosia-Healing. Guy is very much engaged in his profession and succeeded in making a logical link for me between the physical, the mental and the extra energy outside of that. The subsequent treatment gave me satisfaction and peace. I believe that Guy can help a lot of people to live in the now in a positive way.


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