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Why corporate meditation?

As a manager, do you think it is important that your team feels good about itself? Do you want to make a difference as an employer? We can offer you meditation for your companie. From SME to large organisation, give the motivation of your employees that extra nudge!

Meditation is a scientifically proven way to quickly come relax. It also has a positive influence on productivity and general well-being. Neurologist and top doctor Steven Laureys is convinced of this.

Strong team thanks to corporate meditation

A powerful company relies on strong teams, teams that are like fish in the water, bubbling over with inspiration and brimming with motivation. Power teams in which stress does not dominate. Making teams feel appreciated by colleagues and the management ultimately also benefits the company.

By offering your teams meditation training at Ambrosia-Healing, you show that you care about the well-being of your employees. During the sessions, we work on relieving tension and ensure that your team members feel 100% well at work.

What to expect

Meditation for companies and organisations can be arranged for small teams as well as larger groups. From 10 to 50 people: it is all possible if the environment is suitable. Often the session takes place at the company itself, but it can also take place at another location of your choice.

A group meditation takes about an hour in total, including introduction. Therefore, you can easily let this session take place during the lunch break. A teambuilding or inspiring company weekend can offer a welcome break.

Everyone, from beginner to advanced, will benefit from this group meditation.

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