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Dowsing for others


Learn how to dows for others via direct contact, photo and from a distance.


Dowsing for other people: what we are going to do

The workshop ‘dowsing for others’ differs from the course ‘dowsing for yourself’. In the latter workshop we learned how to clean and personalise our pendulum. We also saw how we can interpret the messages without letting our own emotions get in the way.

In this workshop we learn how to dows for others. And we can do this in different ways. Through physical contact, through a photo of the other person and even from a distance without the person being present in the same room: it is all possible.

What preparations do you need to make to commute through these methods? And how do you communicate this? Are there certain precautions we have to take in order to get the right answers when we dows for a family member, a friend, an acquaintance and even for someone we don’t know at all? You will learn all about that in this course.

After a short theoretical introduction we will go directly to the real practice work with the people who are in the workshop with us. Feel free to bring a photo of someone you know to practise on. It can be a printed photo or one on your phone.

The most beautiful thing in the world is to help others. And if you can call on the help of your pendulum, that is a bonus, isn’t it?

This course Dowsing for others is offered in group with a lot of exercises and possibly a follow-up call.

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When:  2021

Where: Cultural Centre in Lokeren, 9160 Lokeren


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