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Dowsing for yourself


Everyone can learn to dows !


Workshop dowsing for yourself

How do I learn commuting? How can I achieve a better balance in my life? Which crystal suits me and which type of food is healthy for me? This workshop ‘Commuting for yourself’ gives you the insight and knowledge about what is possible with a pendulum.

It also gives you the opportunity to develop yourself (further) spiritually. By means of several practical exercises you will learn many aspects of dowsing in this workshop. Commuting is much more than the ‘yes-no’ method. It is a reliable means of gaining insight.

You learn how to choose the right commute for yourself and how to make yourself familiar with your commute. Also how you get answers to your questions and which possibilities there are with a pendulum you will learn during this course. And we also tell you what you can commute to for yourself. With the different commuting cards, that are included in the course, you can develop your own commuting gift. We help you on your way with safe commuting. Also the asking of the right questions and the different methods, so you can use one method to shorten or complete the other, will be discussed.
Through this course you get more insight in commuting and you learn how to do this for yourself.


This workshop dowsing for yourself is offered in group with sufficient practice and with possible follow-up by telephone.

You don’t have your own pendulum yet? During the course you can buy one. We give you the necessary explanation where to pay attention to when you buy a pendulum.

Do you already have your own pendulum? Then you can certainly bring it along.

Do you still have questions? Send an email via our contact form.

When: 2021

Where: Cultural Centre Lokeren, 9160 Lokeren


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