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Eagle Energy Healing 3

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Shamanic healing

The Eagle Energy Healing is a powerful yet simple system of shamanic healing and consciousness development with deep embodied healing from the heart. It is a modern training in shamanic healing and awareness for ourselves and others.

It is a high vibrational and easily accessible healing system based on and incorporating ancient symbols and techniques from many spiritual and shamanic traditions, including the Ohm, the Infinity, the Ankh, etc…

Eagle Energy Healing is a wide range of subtle energy, wisdom and healing for our physical, mental and spiritual sides.

The method has been adapted to the modern times we live in. These healing techniques can be used for ourselves as well as for others. The three eagles (Golden, White and Love eagle), together with the collective Energies from the Universe, support and guide everything.

Course in 3 levels

The course is given in three levels

  • Spiritual healing from the heart (1 day workshop)
  • Shamanic Healing from the Heart (1 day workshop)
  • Eagle Core Energetics Healing (2 day workshop)


Level 3 – Eagle Core Energy (max 5pers) £245 (certificate)

  • In order to participate in this module, level 1 and 2 must be completed
  • Brief review of part 1 and 2
  • Tuning and extra initiation into the Eagle Healing Energy
  • Deepening into the Eagle Energy and Divine Magic
  • The symbols and their Energy
  • The different fields of application including healing at soul level, core work and cord cutting
  • Work and practice on an individual level, in groups and at a distance
  • 2-day workshop


This course is open to both experienced healers and people with a great gut feeling or intuition. But certainly also for the beginner who is open to new experiences and wants to embrace them with enthusiasm.

The dates for 2021 will be announced later.

Do you have any questions?? Please let us know.


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