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Gift voucher from Ambrosia-Healing: the ideal gift

What is better than to give someone what he or she really needs? Giving a gift voucher with a beautiful message to your friend, family member or colleague can make a big difference. Our gift card is there for anyone you would like to help. With the gift card, that person can come to us for a beneficial treatment or relaxing workshop of their choice.

Gift voucher with many possibilities

For some, a pleasant relaxation massage works best, for others sound therapy which is why we keep our offers diverse. We regularly expand our knowledge and immerse ourselves in new techniques. From an energetic therapy, reiki consultation to a tarot card reading: it’s all possible.

Perhaps he or she would prefer to work one to one? We offer several workshops. Learning how to commute, discovering the 13 chakras or following another workshop are all options. At Ambrosia-Healing we help anyone who needs spiritual guidance, or feels it is time for a change. With the gift certificate you can help them advance on their spiritual journey.

For all occasions

The gift certificate can be given for any occasions: as a surprising birthday present, a thoughtful Christmas or New Year’s gift, or as a nice summer gift. You choose the amount yourself. You can immediately order a voucher from 30 euros. Why not hint to others that it would make a great gift for you? Why not make it a gift from you to yourself? Pampering yourself is totally ok!

Gift voucher in the post

Because an actual gift voucher card is much nicer to receive, we send the gift voucher card after you pay for the order. It will arrive at the ‘physical address’ you entered above. This can be the postal address of the person you would like to pay tribute to, or if you are buying it as a gift to yourself, then  your own address. The voucher will arrive at the physical address within 1 week.


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