Online-consultatie via Skype, Zoom of Messenger(1h)

This is a one-on-one online session where you receive helpful and guiding information about things that hold you back in life. An online consultation is therefore a moment when you can become more aware of your own strength and purpose.

A video consultation: why

Sometimes, for various reasons, it is not possible to get together. Then we can do a session from a physical distance. Nevertheless, an online consultation can be just as healing as a regular live session.

During the consultation you can ask all kinds of questions about topics that you are struggling with. Think of love, relationships, work, the future or the development of your own Spiritual abilities and your personal development. It can also provide comfort in bereavement.

What can you expect

Although we are at a physical distance, we can still help you with healing energy. Just like we would during a regular session, we get to know each other. After that we read your energy and ask you to relax.

During an online consultation we use all kinds of tools like dowsing, reading and tarot cards. Also other techniques that come up during the energetic session can be applied.

During the session it is also possible that a deceased loved one makes herself known. Sometimes they feel that it is important to you. Often because something still needs to be said or resolved. Or because he or she wants to offer a word of comfort. Or just to say hello again.

It doesn’t always happen, but it can happen during an energetic treatment.

Would you like to book an online consultation, for whatever reason?

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Price: 60

An online energetic treatment never replaces a doctor’s consultation (!!), but can be a perfect addition to this.