Reiki: new space to grow

Both mentally and emotionally, Reiki has a great influence. By dissolving old beliefs, old pains and emotional knots, harmony is created in our being. This creates new space for growth.

The Reiki energy works on the physical, emotional and spiritual body. It considers our body, soul and spirit as one whole. Reiki therefore invites deep healing and growth in all areas.  And it has a positive influence on everything that involves energy.

For some people, the desire to recover from physical complaints is the first motivation to connect with Reiki. Gradually, they experience that Reiki does much more than just heal physically. So it not only improves health problems, but also our quality of life. From experience we know that it is not necessary to direct the energy. It goes to where it is needed at that moment.

How does the treatment work

During a Reiki treatment you lie on a treatment table. You receive Reiki because the giver lays his or her hands gently on your body according to the positions taught.

By invoking the energy through the Reiki Masters, Reiki, the Universal Life Energy, flows through you. Reiki works with energy from the cosmos, not with personal energy. Therefore it brings your network of energy paths back into balance.

Some people experience this as a slightly tingling sensation flowing through their body. However, every experience is different and therefore difficult to describe. What almost everyone experiences is a deep rest and inner peace during a Reiki session.

Thanks to a Reiki treatment, shortages in the energy lines in our body are released and replenished. This way, the natural balance is restored.

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Price: 75

A Reiki treatment never replaces a doctor’s consultation (!!), but can be a perfect addition to this

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