Your ideal relaxation

This relaxation and fascia massage is for everyone who wants to relax. We completely release built-up tension in your body by applying precise massage techniques.

A relaxation and fascia massage has many medicinal effects, which are due to the rhythmic massage movements. That is why you get a relaxed feeling, but it also has a beneficial effect on the nerve receptors in the skin.

A massage reduces stress, insomnia and fatigue. Your blood flows better through your body and it removes toxins and blockages. Your lymphatic function improves, so that no or less fluid is accumulated.

An energetic relaxation and fascia massage adds well-being to certain physical ailments. It can also help you deal with a burnout. As a result, it completely relaxes your body and mind. Therefore, the ideal relaxation!

What you can expect

This gentle Ayurvedic oil massage of the whole body significantly reduces your stress level. You notice positive effects both physically and mentally.

We completely release the tension in your body because we apply precise massage techniques. With adjusted music and scents you completely drift away in a moment of rest. The sound, scents and rhythmic massage movements make you feel completely relax.

Our experts are very skilled and trained. So book an appointment with full peace of mind for a relaxation and fascia massage.

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Price: 75