New: Online subscription formula

During an online consultation (+/- 1h) we analyze what the sound therapy can do for you.

Every week we send you 2 sessions by email (WeTransfer), indicating on which day you will need to play them.

All you need is a PC / Laptop / tablet / smartphone and a good pair of headphones.


Sound therapy with effect

Anyone who has already had a treatment with sound therapy knows that sound resonances can vibrate all the way through your body, mind and aura. You don’t just listen to sound frequencies with your ears. It is a effect that shimmers through your body and heals that which is in need of healing at that moment. Every body/mind reacts differently to sound and therefore also to sound therapy.

During sound therapy we work with sound resonance to help you let go and transform Listening to monotonous and binaural sound frequencies can help you relax, let go and integrate new energy.


It works on different levels

Sound affects every aspects and cell of our being. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are all linked. In fact, they work together and affect how you feel.

The magic and power of sound healing? That it allows everyone to develop what is needed at that moment. During a 90-minute session, we will play different sound frequencies to you. For each tone you hear, the energy goes where it is needed. Sometimes a frequency feels so good that it shimmers all over your body and relaxes you completely. Sometimes it points to places that show blockages.


Ancient tradition of sound therapy 

Sound therapy has been around for a long time. The Egyptians used sound resonances for healing. Special sound chambers have been found in pyramids. Just think of the pyramid of Giza. And even the Maya already knew the effect of sound frequencies.


Sound therapy: our approach

We start with an introductory talk. Then the sound therapy starts and you will hear different sound frequencies through headphones. At the same time, we look at how your system responds. After the session we will discuss how you feel.


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A session with sound resonance never replaces a doctor’s consultation (!), but can complement it perfectly.