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Spiritual guidance and training

  • Who among you has the feeling that you are opening up or evolving Spiritual?
  • Who has tens or even hundreds of questions about this?
  • Who feels a bit lost in that forest of information?
  • Who wants to know more about how it all works?


And the most important question:

  • Who wants to know which path is yours in the Spiritual?


If you have been able to answer yes to this question more than once, the following may be an interesting fact for you.

Lately I notice that more and more people not only receive healing, but also guidance on their Spiritual path. To give them clarity about what exactly is going on in/with their Spiritual body.

After a few conversations, with both Spiritual beings and human beings (😉 ) it has become clear that the time has come to put this into a clear structure.

Therefore, I am happy to announce that we can offer you the following programme through The Ambrosia Academy

A guidance/training programme that includes the following:

  • 4 hours of guidance/training per month via
  • Online session via zoom
  • Conversation via messenger, whatsapp or telephone
  • All this for the monthly price of 120£ (normally 140€, 15% discount)
  • A 3-month subscription costs 336£ (20% discount)
  • A 6 month subscription costs 630£ (25% discount)

Do you have a question before you want to place an order?

Feel free to contact us on 0491379261


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