Why a spiritual healing

Every person has an innate ability to find a perfect balance between body and mind. The purpose of a Spiritual healing is to improve and strengthen this ability so you can live with and in your own strength and energy. A Spiritual healing is given to relieve certain physical, emotional and Energetic blockages. All with the help of Spirits..

It opens our consciousness and helps restore energy so that it flows freely again. A Spiritual healing is an additional therapy without further side effects. It can help with grief, stress and burnout or migraine, among other things.

What to expect

We start with a short conversation, because we want to get to know you better. This way we can help you more. Why are you visiting us? How do you feel? What do you expect or what treatment do you think you need? These are a few questions that we discuss with you. We also inform you about what may happen during the treatment and what you can expect. After this we start the healing.

The healing takes place in complete silence or with accompanying music. We immerse you completely in the session with fragrance sticks. You prefer no fragrance sticks? No problem. Keep in mind that the healer places his hands on the body during the session. Depending on what you need at that moment, we work on different levels with specific Energy to several points in the body. Think of chakras, aura, meridians, energy channels, …

After the session you will have sufficient time to absorb the healing, talk about how the experience was for you and we will also have a short concluding chat. You can also ask any questions that come up which we will be happy to answer. If an additional treatment feels required this will be discussed too.

Would you like to book a healing? Contact us You’re very welcome.

Price: 75

An energetic treatment never replaces a doctor’s consultation (!!), but can be a perfect addition to this.