A tarot session: why

A tarot session can help you make decisions about health, career, partners and many other issues. During the session, you will get more clarity about the path that lies ahead of you and how you can walk it. A tarot card reading provides clarity about your life. Both about the past and about the future.

We ourselves have been trained with the Aleister Crowley Tarot cards, and therefore no classical tarot cards. The British Aleister Crowley designed this set -or deck- of 80 cards in the beginning of the twentieth century. He called this deck Thoth tarot, and the cards represent powerful symbolism. He drew on the world of magic, alchemy, astrology and ancient Celtic and Egyptian symbolism.

What can you expect

How does a tarot card reading go? We work with a combination of  tarot cards that you pick out based, on your own feelings, which show an interpretation of your energy. This way we can create a clearer image of what obstacles may lie on your path. And also how you can help yourself to stand back in your own power. Because that is the ultimate goal of this tarot session.

Love, career and financial questions are usually the top three themes we deal with. But it can also be about family and friends or other subjects.

Every tarot card reading is different, as it is tailored to the person sitting in front of us. Everyone has different questions that he or she is struggling with. Moreover, those questions may change from time to time.

A tarot session lasts 60 minutes. And of course you may ask as many questions as you like. We are here to help you.

Would you like to make an appointment for a tarot card reading?

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Price: 60

A Tarot treatment never replaces a doctor’s consultation (!!), but it can be a perfect complement to it.

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