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The 13 Chakras


Become familiar with the chakras and learn to discover their specific functions.


Chakra workshop: what are we going to do

The intention of this workshop is that you become more familiar with the chakras and learn to discover their specific functions . These energy nodes translate cosmic energy from a higher to a lower realm of consciousness.

It goes without saying that in this course we start with the 7 chakras everyone knows. Their place on the body, their colour and function will also be discussed. And moreover, during this chakra workshop you will find out what the consequences are when a chakra does not function correctly. But this workshop doesn’t end there. We go way further.

In recent years, people have begun to admit that there are indeed more than the 7 traditional chakras, namely 13. These chakras are not really physical but rather spiritual chakra’s.

In the present time of great cosmic, worldly, spiritual and energetic changes, especially these last chakras will be influenced. Thus, their function will also become increasingly important.

The last part of this chakra workshop is the chakra healing . We will see the different methods like colour and light therapy and chakra massage. You will also learn about other approaches such as chakra healing and gemstone therapy. We will practice these with ourselves. Of course you will do this under full supervision. We are happy to help you!


When: 2021

Where : Cultural Centre, Kerkplein 5, 9160 Lokeren.

Price: 65

Thee and water are free available during the chakra workshop. For lunch, you may bring your own packet. Or if you prefer, you can get something from home. There are several possibilities in the immediate vicinity of this location.

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